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Offroad Like a Pro

Maverix Border X is an 800 Watt Off Road All Terrain Electric Skateboard Machine! Constructed of the best quality maple board, steel and aluminum trucks, ABS anti-lock brakes, an alkaline battery powers the 800 Watt motor to take you from dirt to sand to gravel in the same ride. Large oversize tires aid your off road riding along with a cool graphic board design. This board is great for a day at the beach or a run at the cabin in the woods. Suggested for use age 14 and up, you can get great mileage out of one charge. At peak performance this board will fly at speeds of up to 19 miles an hour. The board is equipped with front and rear lights. Weight limit on this board is up to 250 pounds for peak performance but you can ride if you are heavier, you just won’t go quite as fast or as far on a charge, but for sure you can ride. Flat tires are also available it you want to do a little street riding later on. But for the off road adventurer in you the nubby tires are the best!

Battery 3*12 Ah, 36 v
Batter Life 12-15 km / 7-9 mi*
Engine Power 800 w
Max Speed 30 kph / 19 mph*
Brake System Abs Type
Safety Leash Magnetic
Wireless Remote Control 3 Positions switch (Beginner-Medium-Expert)
Max Weight 120 kg / 264 lb
Length 116 cm / 46 in
Skateboard Weight 32 kg / 70 lb
Wheels 25 cm / 9.8 in
Drive Belt