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Strong, durable, fun
I really love this electric skateboard! We saw a guy riding one in the park and asked him about it. So happy we did! My kids and I love the speed and how much fun this is to ride. Sometimes I will ride it into town rather than driving since it's close and am thrilled with how smooth the ride is. Because it doesn't use a lithium battery, I am not worried about it catching fire! A great gift for us all. - Urban Spirit
Great Board!
I purchased this board for my nephew for his birthday and he loves it!! He did not originally know how to ride a skatebaord but within 10 minutes he looked like an expert. I was amazed at the quality of the product. It is very sturdy. My nephew rides around the neighborhood and his friends all want to have a turn at riding!
California 150W
This skateboard made me a Super Hero to my child!
August 3, 2016
My child saw this and loved it! I thought, he is a good kid, respectful, gets good grades, so why not buy it. Pricing is great and the product is just AWESOME! He now joins us on family bike rides and can lead the way like we are in a parade! I would definitely recommend buying this Maverix Monster board!

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